Registration to become a player starts April 7th. 

The puck drops at 3pm Aug 18th!

Check-in will start at 2pm - please arrive early to pick up your jersey and meet your new teammates!

All teams will be co-ed and of mixed skill level.  Each of the 4 teams will consist of 10 players: 9 skaters and one goalie.  All players must register online as free agents - please accurately describe your skill level and experience so that we can assemble four evenly matched teams.  Players may request to be paired with one other player, and we'll do our best to accommodate these requests.

Please thoroughly review the full rules before your first game! Puck & Grind is about making sure all players, regardless of experience, have a good time.  Our goal is for every game to be fast-paced, competitive, and fun.  Registry stars April 7th right here on this site, so be sure and sign-up before the spots are filled!

The Rules

  • The tournament is on studio size ice.

  • All players must sign a release form prior to hitting the ice.

  • This is a non‐checking tournament.

  • Games will consist of two (2) 25-minute running time periods.

  • Offsides is the center red line. 

  • Each period will begin with a Pond Hockey style face-off (three clicks of the sticks and the game begins).

  • Each team will play with 3 skaters on the ice and 1 goalie.  

  • One referee per game. The referee will be off ice and will call penalties, offsides, and keep track of the score.

  • Shifts will be limited to one (1) minute. A buzzer will signify when players must change.

  • Only players who are registered may play. There are no subs allowed.

  • Penalty calls will result in a penalty shot, with the clock stopping. The shot must be taken from center ice, with remaining players lining up on the rear goal line. When the whistle sounds for the penalty shot to begin, all players become “live” and pursuit of the puck can begin by trailing players, and the clock will resume. If a goal is scored, the referee will signal a face-off at center ice. If the puck is saved and frozen, the referee will signal where to face-off. If the puck is saved but in play, then play will commence.

  • Any player amassing 4 penalties in one game will be ejected and reviewed for possible further action.

  • Penalty/suspensions will be enforced. A major penalty will result in ejection for the current game. Gross misconduct will result in expulsion.

  • A player may be ejected by the referee and given a “Game Ejection” penalty without receiving a suspension.

  • Pucks that are shot out of play, but land back in play will be considered “live” and no whistle will be blown. Play will continue.

  • No slap shots. No shots where the stick is raised above the waist.

  • Goals may only be scored in the offensive zone. No shots are allowed from a team’s defensive zone.

  • When the goalie freezes the puck, the opposing team must move out of the zone and let that goalie’s team bring the puck out.

  • There are no icing calls.

  • OFF SIDE RULE: No player may receive a pass in the offensive zone from a player in his/her defensive zone. In other words, no two‐zone passes will be permitted. If a play is ruled offside by the referee the offending team must give up the puck and retreat back to their own zone.

  • Teams will not change ends at the half but defend the same goal for both periods.

  • In the event of a tie, a sudden death non‐timed period will take place.

  • Rules are subject to change at any time.